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    About Us

    Songlilai Trading Enterprise Pte Ltd was established with the goal of providing quality food backed with excellent service support for the benefit of food and beverage and hospitality establishments globally. An extensive range of chilled and frozen products is imported across the Asia Pacific Regions, Europe as well as America to achieve this objective. Throughout the years we have also been continuously upgrading our equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure that we maintain a quality standard at all times to meet and exceed customer expectations.

    In accordance with Singapore regulations, all meat, fish, cold stores and slaughter-houses must be licensed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) before they are permitted to carry out any food processing, storage and wholesale distribution. In addition to our existing cold storage, we expanded our factory space to incorporate a butchery area so as to facilitate the customer’s preferences in regards to the processing and packing products. In an industry where customers’ needs are so varied, flexibility is a positive advantage.

    Recognizing the need to establish a food safety system that would provide our valuable customers with an internationally acclaimed assurance, we adopted the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. This systematic approach to food safety addresses the various chemical, physical and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than a final product inspection. Through this system we hope to eliminate all unsafe practices and provide a higher quality assurance to our customers.

    Our ongoing investment in technology, facilities, equipment and personnel training further validates our strong intentions for further improvement. These steps will ensure that we are on track to becoming Singapore’s leading seafood supplier.

    We Provide


    Value Added Products

    We work closely with our valued customers , to customized their ideal products solution.


    Retail Pack Products

    We cater to difference portions , satisfy our customers ‘ appetite for convenience.



    We provide basic processing service, to reduce intensive labour matter.



    We are able to process manually or automatically. Pending on products requirement.



    We provide general cutting techniques according to customers requirement.